Dead Air changes the dynamic of investigating the paranormal. In a new world of groups and teams meeting together for views, we investigate locations in the purest form – alone. This is he only way to heighten senses to eliminate distractions and noise contamination.

From a live radio show in 2011

Having met studing media degrees at the University of Sunderland, Rob Davies & Chris Felton created the idea of a new type of radio show, away from the comforts of a warm studio and in places with reports of hauntings. The show was extreme, and quite often controversial. It ran for over five years on NE1fm 102.5 in Newcastle, giving listeners the chance to also come onboard and share their experiences of the paranormal.

Chris trying to get out of The Manor House’s cellar with dignity while live on air

In 2018, Dead Air moved onto YouTube, with lone vigils being the main focus. Armed with a night vision camera, you will see exactly what we see. No crews, no fancy TV cameras…it is ghost hunting in its most purest form.

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