The following pieces of equipment are used for filming investigations.


Panasonic HC-W850EB-K

Camera with built in nightvision, used for filming in the dark (2021-present). Between 2018-2020, a Sony Handycam was used for nightvision filming.


Infrared light illuminator, used for boosting the amount of infrared light projected from the camera, allowing it to be able to see for further distances in the dark. Used mainly for outdoors and larger buildings.

DJI Osmo

Used for filming daytime cinematic shots and 4K slow movement video.

DJI Spark Drone (+ UK flying license)

Used for capturing aerial video from outside of a location.

Seek Thermal

Used for thermal imaging shots during investigations to be able to get a visual shot of temperatures around the investigation area. These cameras can pick up a heat signature from 1000 meters away, and ideal for detecting cold spots, which many people believe is the sign of a spirit presence. It can also be used to debunk claims of drafts and icy feelings by being able to detect the source of a temperature decrease, such as an open window or gap in a wall.


EMF Meter / K2

EMF = Electro Magnetic Field meter. Used in everyday life by people such as plumbers, electricians and builders to test electrical appliances, they have been used by paranormal investigators for many years. The theory that sprits are made up of energy means that these devices should pick up on the electro magnatic energy given off by them.

They can also be used as a communication method, by asking intelligent spirit to trigger the meter by putting its energy close to the device. The meter gives readings in ‘milligauss’.

NOTE: Care must be taken when using these as to not contaminate the readings with other normal electrical equipment, such as mobile phones and wireless mics. When using these devices, mobile phones should always be turned onto ‘flight mode’, as a signal from a phone can still affect the device if it is roaming or streaming live video.

Cat Balls

Very simple, and a gadget that is affordable to anybody wanting to start off investigating the paranormal. These are simply the toys that a pet cat would play with, which flash when they are touched/moved. They cn be used in the dark to entice spirits to make their presence known.

SLS Camera (Structured Light Sensor)

This camera uses LIDAR technology by reflecting thousands of infrared lights into a square area which its built in software then uses to create a live 3D image of the area.

It runs with Kinect software, which is programmed to detect human shapes. This same software is used in gaming  to detect the motions of players at home.

It is claimed that the technology can detect spirits present in using it software.


EVP Communication (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)



Digital audio recorder, used for trying to capture EVPs using its4 built in microphones that are angled in all directions, into a high quality MP3/WAV format.

P-SB7-Spirit Box

A device that is used to sweep the white noise on the FM spectrum to detect spirit voices.

Spirit Portal

A speaker that is connected to a phonetic sound bank. Each phonetic sound (ie Ah, eh, eeee, Ohhh, Shhh, B) can be arranged to create words, which can e controlled by the spirit using waveform.

Editing Software

Sony Vegas

Video editing suit used for creatig the videos you see on our YouTube channel! It can be used for splicing, cutting, zooming, fading and changing scenes.

Adobe Audition

Used since Dead Air’s formation in 2009 when we were a radio show, Audition is still a big part of our multimedia editing. It is used for editing sound – from clipping, compressing and boosting the audio quality that you hear on the videos, it is also used to digitally enhance sound where paranormal evidence may have been captured.

Standard Equipment

All good paranormal investigators should keep it old school, and focus on their main senses. Hearing, sight, and smell. Whist its easy to get carried away with gadgets and equipment, the only paranormal evidence that counts is what you see, hear or smell. You don’t need to spend thousands to go ghost hunting!