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WWII German Underground Hospital (Guernsey)

Built as an underground tunnel complex by the Nazis during the occupation of The Channel Islands, this hospital became  a main hub for bringing injured German soldiers following the D-Day invasion of Normandy. I was drawn to it by the reports of paranormal activity occuring in here.

Bowes Railway Museum & Springwell Colliery

This 19th Century colliery and railway yard was once one of the deadlist places to work. Hundreds and hundreds of deaths are on record as having taken place here, and there are even some miners that are still buried beneath the land here because they could not be recovered. Its no suprise that there are many reports of parnormal activity and full apparitions seen here.

Eden Camp

This former POW Camp used to keep captured prisoners from WWII, and is one of only a handful still in existance in the UK. It has a series of reports ranging from ghostly shadows moving between the buildings and poltergesit activity.

The Devil's Wedding House - 6 Rataskaevu (Tallinn)

This notorious house is located in the heart of old town Tallinn, in Estonia, and is listed on AirBnb as a place anybody can stay. Perhaps you should know about the place’s dark history first, and the hauntings that have taken place for hundreds of years…

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

It is said to have the most ghost sightings per square mile of anywhere in Britain, this island was the scene of the first Viking invasion back in 793AD, and people are still seeing ghostly monks here thousands of years later.

Armley Mills

Once one of the world’s largest factories, Armley Mills has a disturbing history of violent deaths and child abuse dating back centuries. The hauntings that get reported here are even more disturbing.

Cresswell Pele Tower

Said to be haunted by the ghost of a broken hearted woman, the Cresswell Pele Tower is now fully open to the public after years or renovation. I investigate its ghostly legend in what would become the tower’s first ever ghost hunt.

The Galleries of Justice

The scene of court cases, imprisonment and executions, this former court building has accounts of hauntings dating back centuries. Are those who were executed here still roaming the cells and corridors here?

A 13th Century fortified castle in Northumberland
Chillingham Castle

Chillingham is a 13th century fortified castle in Northumberland, built as a stronghold close to the English-Scottish border. This is regarded as the most haunted building in Britain.

Derby Gaol

Derby Gaol was an 18th century gaol built at Friar Gate. It was used to hold prisoners until they could face trial, and then to hold them until they could be executed outside of the building.

Aleister Crowley's Boleskine House

Built on the site of a fatal church fire, Boleskine House is known for its connection to occultist Aleister Crowley, who is known to have bought the house to perform is satanic rituals in. The house is known worldwide for its alledged hauntings.

The Schooner Hotel

A 17th century coaching inn in Alnmouth that was once a manor spot for smugglers to be based. It was once claimed to be the most haunted hotel in Britain, with one room in particular said to be extremely active where a family were once massacred.


The Guy Fawkes Inn

Said to be the birthplace of Guy Fawkes, this inn is regarded as being one of York’s most haunted buildings, with countless stories of children playing on the stairs, a priest and Guy himself..

The Pied Bull

One of the oldest coaching inns Britain, this hotel/pub has a claim of being the most haunted place in the ancient city of Chester, thanks to centuries of tragedies.

Old Elvet Gaol (Jimmy Allen's bar)

Once an old gaol built into the arches of the Elvet bridge in Durham, this was once one of the UK’s worst gaols, notorious the inprisonment of murderers, rapists and theive in appalling conditions. The modern day bar is named after its most infamous inmate, who died here.

NELSAM (North East Land, Sea and Air Museums)

The North East Land, Sea and Air museum (NELSAM) is an aviation museum inside hangars on the site of the former RAF Usworth. The museum has experienced many hauntings, from former servicemen who served at the airfield to those connected to crashed wreckage on display at the museum.

Vane Tempest Hall

A former military barracks in the Gilesgate area of Durham,Vane Tempest Hall was also temporarily used as a smallpox hospital. The building has reports of hauntings inside of a female spirit and a soldier on the grounds of the building.

Ripon Workhouse

A Victorian workhouse built to house the poor. This workhouse has many reports of hauntings ranging from disembodies voices to full apparitions.

Cardiff Castle

A 2,000 year old building, said to have many ghosts wandering its corridors, crypts, libraries and air raid shelters.

Kielder Castle

Built as an 18th century hunting lodge by the Duke of Northumberland, Kielder Castle is now a visitor’s centre for Kielder Forest. There are several ghost stories linked to this building, from former servans to fatal shooting accidents.

The Hvítárnes Haunting

Hvitarnes is known as Iceland’s most infamous haunting. The hut was built on the site of a former settlement deep in the highlands of Iceland. It is believed to be haunted by a woman who was murdered here, and her remains are still believed to be buried nearby.

Greyfriar's Kirkyard

A 16th century graveyard in Edinburgh with possibly up to a million bodies buried inside it. One section of the graveyard is said to be home to the notorious Mackenzie poltergeist, whch has attacked around 600 people since 1999.

The Victoria Tunnel

The Victoria Tunnel is a former victorian wagonway built to transport coal below the streets of Newcastle to the River Tyne, and later used as a WWII air raid shelter. The tunnel is said to be haunted by a man called William Coulson, who died in an accident here in 1852.

Jedburgh Jail

Built on the site of a former castle, Jedburgh Jail was built in 1823 to house prisoners and to carry out executions. Poltergeist activity and attacks have been reported in several wings of the jail.

Whitley Lodge Snooker Club

The building was once a nightclub in the 1960’s, but today is now a snooker club and bar. The club made local newspapers when poltergeist activity was captured on CCTV. With apparitions also seen by its members, this was a haunting I had to investigate.

Pont du Stierchen (Luxembourg)

An old part of Luxembourg City, dating back to the 15th century, home to the country’s most famous ghost legend.