Whitley Lodge Snooker Club

Whitley Lodge Snooker Club


In 2018, CCTV footage emerged in local newspapers in the North East of England apparently showing a glass smashing by itself while placed on the bar of a snooker club – that article can be viewed HERE.

Kayleigh (who appears in shot of the CCTV video) is a friend of mine and is very interested in the paranormal. It seemed that there was a lot more to this club once you get chatting to locals.

I made a couple of visits in early 2020 and spoke to people who had experienced “paranormal|” things inside this club. Sightings, sounds, poltergeist activity and EVPs have all be experienced inside here, but obody knows who or what could be haunting the place. There have been no deaths inside the actual snooker club, but the building was once a nightclub in the 1950s/60s and there is a theory that something may have happened around this time. Sadly I have not been able to find any records of this.

While science may be able to offer an explanation for a glass shattering, nothing can explain how a member of staff heard snooker balls clinking together despite the fact that the area around the tables was in darkness and there was nobody was in. Another member of staff heard somebody clearing their throat at her while she was opening up and empty building. Finally, a member of the club saw a full dark figure standing beside table 9, and when he asked if he could get past, it simply faded away.

Its also worth noting that many of our followers are American and are maybe not familiar with snooker. It is a British sport that is played largely in the UK, select parts of Europe, Australia and China.


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26 Claremont Crescent,
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Whitley Lodge is a suburb to the north of of Whitley Bay, which is on the coast of North Tyneside (around 10 miles east of Newcastle).